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Soya crepes

Serves about 6 people

Vanille de Tahiti Taken from the book
"La Vanille de Tahiti"
by Jean-Louis Saquet

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Soya crepes


Crepes :
- 200g flour + a pinch of salt
- 4 eggs
- 1/3l milk

- 200g green beans
- 200g soya beans
- 200g chicken breast
- 200g prawns
- 200g cabbage
- 1 onion + 4 garlic cloves
- Salt and pepper
- 1 little romaine lettuce

Bitter-sweet sauce:
- 3 tablespoons vinegar
- 1 cup of water
- 3 tablespoons sugar
- 1 tablespoon cornstarch
- 1 vanilla pod with seeds scraped out from the pod
- Salt and pepper


Blend all the ingredients together until thickened before you serve. In a skillet properly oiled, cook the garlic cloves until they become browned. Slice the chicken and, finely chop the onion and add green beans, over low heat, and then add prawns. Mix the ingredients and add the cabbage and soya beans. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Take out the remaining water. Now, fill the crepes with those ingredients and with lettuce leaves.

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