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Vanillas from all parts of the world

Our website aims at introducing to you, in a single place, the best vanilla « grands crus » in the world.

This ambitious goal is already partly achieved since the first prizewinning vanilla « grands crus » produced in the islands composing the French Overseas Departments and Territories are beginning to be known and, besides, competitive commercial offers are used so as to place those “grands crus” at your disposal.

A wide choice of recipes created by a few renowned chefs and also by some of our future customers will enable you to prepare, savor and also improve your own recipes.  

The prizewinning vanillas that are proposed here are Tahitian vanillas (vanilla tahitensis) and Bourbon vanillas (vanilla planifolia).

Concerning vanillas from Madagascar and from Mexico, we will very soon be in a position to introduce to you some prizewinning vanilla “grands crus”, selected according to rules similar to those established for the Concours Général Agricole, on the occasion of the Paris International Agricultural Show.

Our vanilla travel around the world will thus be well advanced! There will be nothing left for us to do but to make you discover other “grands crus” from many other countries!

In a short time from now, our blog will enable you to disclose and share your own recipes with our customers and with our jury composed of renowned pastry chefs. Moreover, it is possible for you, from now on, to post commentaries on our facebook page, entitled Mohea Vanille.

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