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Items about vanilla

In this section, we will soon be in a position to make you discover some products made of vanilla or about it, among which our vanilla fragrance, that should be available on the occasion of the Mothers’ Day in 2013 ! The following menu is intended to propose products made of vanilla or containing vanilla.

The very first product presented here is a book, which will help you discover Tahitian vanilla through a travel to Tahiti and also 60 recipes of dishes and desserts elaborated with vanilla. This quite absorbing book tells the story of the introduction of vanilla in Tahiti. It is remarkably documented with splendid drawings. The numerous recipes enable us to learn more about the gastronomy of Tahiti, one of the last paradises on earth!

« To be consumed passionately and accompanied by the various selections of Mohea vanillas !”

To order this book, please send an e-mail to Monsieur Jean-Louis SAQUET in Tahiti ( in order to determine the delivery conditions and the method of payment. 

The fragrance is still in a phase of elaboration and we intend to sublime its composition !  

Here are examples of what the 50 ml fragrance bottle could look like !

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