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Packaging and preservation

Vanilla pods are stocked in our buildings in plastic wraps (vacuum packed or not, depending on the way our associated vanilla producers and suppliers pack their products). 

Those packages can be kept for three to six months before opening them without any damage in term of flavors. We advise our customers to put the pods from the same variety into a glass jar with preferably a metal lid in order to improve the preservation conditions.

Vanillas usually reach olfactory maturity between 3 and 5 years after the crop. Well preserved pods, protected from temperature changes and direct sunlight, and kept into hermetic glass jars, can easily be preserved for many years.

Nevertheless, we advise you to order vanilla regularly in small quantities rather than buying in one time your annual consumption of it. The fate of a vanilla pod is to dry more or less quickly before it is consumed ! 

In order to reduce the delivery  costs, you should buy with your friends or family! Our first transport package price is 9,50 €, it enables us to send about 300-400 g of vanilla  in one time, and it includes the price of the packing and the parcel itself.

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