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The Mohea vanillas selection jury

Our vanillas are selected thanks to the help and expert advice of our renowned chefs and pastry cooks. We created a first jury composed of renowned chefs and pastry cooks in order to select and validate our vanilla “grands crus”. Beyond the initial olfactory contact with our various vanillas, their first striking flavors and fragrances, and beyond their visual aspect, their composition, their content of diverse components (vanillin, several fatty oils…), we were deeply interested in asking some renowned chefs and pastry cooks to use our vanillas in their culinary preparations (starters, main courses, sauces, desserts and creams) in order to discover the widest range of flavors possible, and to appreciate the differences and particular qualities characterizing each variety. Indeed, there are actually strong differences and different aromatic perceptions, which are highlighted when vanilla pods are used in culinary preparations (because of cooking, interactions with other spices…). 

In the weeks to come, those chefs (men and women in equal number !) will share with us their opinion concerning each type of vanilla, and give us some pieces of advice about easy to prepare recipes. 

Moreover, it may be interesting for you to compare your own culinary preparations with those of some chefs by booking a table at their restaurant and thus be able to choose which recipe to try from their restaurant’s menu.

I admit that it is difficult to resist and be indifferent to their talent ! A mere red fruits zabaglione flavored with Tahitian vanilla is simple to prepare and truly a delight ! (a strawberry and raspberry sauce with fruit pieces and one Tahitian vanilla pod).

Besides, the book written by Jean-Louis SAQUET, entitled Vanille de Tahiti, is, from now on, available for sale. This quite absorbing book tells the story of Tahitian vanilla from its introduction in Tahiti till the present time. In its second part, it will help you discover Tahitian vanilla through 60 recipes elaborated with vanilla. The latter are delicious ! To order this book, please send an e-mail to Monsieur Jean-Louis SAQUET in Tahiti ( in order to determine the delivery conditions and the method of payment.

Subsequently, we also plan to foreground our customers’ opinions about the various types of Mohea vanillas, via our blog or our facebook page: Mohea vanilla. And of course, it goes without saying that we will be delighted if you agree to share your own recipes on our website.

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